The Racial Discrimination Act – proposed 2013 amendments

It was recently announced by the new Commonwealth government that they are intending amend certain sections of the Racial Discrimination Act in order to discourage litigation, particularly when it comes to free speech.

We at the Critical Classroom (and Iscariot Media) do not agree with any amendments that make it okay to vilify, insult and offend Aboriginal people. We did not, and to not now, agree with the position taken by a certain “journalist” in relation to Aboriginal people who have fair skin.

We have written letters to Senator Brandis (the Attorney-General), The Hon Josh Fryndenberg MP  (Parliamentary Secretary), the Hon Bill Shorten (Leader of the Opposition), Senator Christine Milne (Leader of the Greens), and the Hon Wayne Swan (the member who represents our electorate).

We encourage other Australians to stand up make your opinions known about how this law will impact on our communities.

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