On Aboriginal Sovereignty

I want to draw your attention to one of the panels as part of the Clancestry Conversation series. The panel #SoveriegntyX was curated by event’s curator Dr Chelsea Bond. Each of these mini-orations provide us with excellent resources that can be used in the classroom across discussions in media, English, cultural studies, Australian studies, education, … Continue reading On Aboriginal Sovereignty

The BBC’s Banished Whitewashes Australian History

The news of the BBC’s new seven-part series Banished hit the news stands today. And within hours, the criticism hit the streams. After reading about Banished, I’m not surprised at the criticism. You see, it’s about Australia. In particular it’s apparently about Governor Arthur Phillip, convicts and is set on Australian shores. And guess what? … Continue reading The BBC’s Banished Whitewashes Australian History

Some Aboriginal People Are More Aboriginal Than Others

¬†White Australia has always had a view on what makes a ‘real’ Aboriginal person. Andrew Bolt is the merely the latest in a long line of commentators who have put forward their views about ‘black’ and ‘white’ Aboriginals. Spread across a continent after 200 years of colonisation, Aboriginal people are diverse in a way that … Continue reading Some Aboriginal People Are More Aboriginal Than Others

Rembering the Mabo Decision

THE MABO CASE Ever since Captain James Cook‘s declaration of possession in 1770, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples have fought against the dispossession of their lands, food sources, waterways, families and homelands. First English, then Australian law justified it’s own existence through the concept of Terra nullius. The application of terra nullius, a latin … Continue reading Rembering the Mabo Decision

Avatar – watch with one eye closed

29 January – Update – for more analysis, commentary & opinion on the gender/race/colonising politics/themes of the film, go to Sociological Images (Thanks SRP for the link)Update 2 – Another analysis on Avatar on the blog – As The Teaching Drum Turns blog.Just a quick blog to start myself blogging again. Went to see Avatar … Continue reading Avatar – watch with one eye closed