Keeping the Connection

Keeping the Connection


Keeping the connection – water, country, spirit: Celebrating Freshwater Stages Early One – Five was developed to assist teachers in designing activities to celebrate the UN’s International Year of Freshwater by developing teacher ideas that offer an Indigenous perspective of Freshwater.

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Product Description

Keeping the connection features –

  • detailed background information about working with Indigenous communities and planning a celebration
  • detailed background information for teachers to assist them to lead a discussion of an Indigenous perspective of freshwater
  • detailed teaching strategies that provide teachers with step-by-step direction to successfully leader students to understand an Indigenous freshwater
  • 13 original and professionally Indigenous designed worksheets

ISBN: 0-9581073-1-9 pp52

Contents [detail]

  1. IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Scope and Sequence, Discussion Background, Localising your kit, Being sensitive to Indigenous students, Recognising the diversity of community, Planning events properly with regard to protocol, Engaging a cultural educator, Language, Country, Creating a water festival.
  2. TEACHING AND LEARNING STRATEGIES – Early stage one – Identifying differences, Stage one – Seeing the world around us, Stage two – Where’d the water go?, Stage three – Same country, different connections, Stage four – The living land, Stage five – Making decisions.
  4. WORKSHEETS – The water symbol, Group badges, Australia’s eco-systems, What’s going on in my country? Life Pattern Chat, What is the Water Cycle? Visual arts research activity, Preparing for your exhibition, Living land, Case study project.


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