Easter is deadly

Easter is Deadly


What if the Easter bunny isn’t the only symbol of rebirth? Can we find an symbol more appropriate for Australia?

We all love the Easter bunny and the Easter bilby, but we were inspired to look for a symbol that resonated with our own children, and we found Jaragun the Scrub Hen. With Easter is deadly we explore the origins of Easter and provides strategies for how teachers can incorporate new symbols into our celebration that reflect our culture.

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Product Description

Easter is deadly features:

  • background information for teachers to assist them to lead a discussion of how Easter arrived in Australia and how Easter is celebrated in Australia
    a detailed teaching strategy that provides teachers with a step-by-step direction to successfully lead students to understand this historical and contemporary celebration
  • 15 original and professionally Indigenous designed worksheets
  • Easter is deadly is suitable for the early years (0-8) and for middle years.
  • ISBN 0-9581073-4-3 20pp

Content [detail]

  • BACKGROUND INFORMATION – Origins of Easter, A brief summary of Easter, How we found Jaragun, How does Jaragun capture the spirit of re-birth, About the names and locations.
  • WORKSHEETS – My deadly Easter book cover, Some Easter animals I know, What is Easter about, Easter is deadly because, I am Jaragun, Easter maze, Easter word search, My own deadly Easter page, Easter greeting card, Deadly Decorations 1, Deadly Decoration 2, Create your own egg designs


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