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Christmas is Deadly


Do Aboriginal people celebrate Christmas? Did they always celebrate it?

Understanding how Christmas arrived here on the continent can be a confusing maze of conflicting ideas for little people. With Christmas is Deadly we help you explain how the Christmas arrived in Australia and the many and varied ways it is celebrated today.

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Product Description

Christmas is deadly features:

  • background information for teachers to assist them to lead a discussion of how Christmas arrived in Australia from Europe and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, like other Australians celebrate Christmas today
  • a detailed teaching strategy that provides teachers with a step-by-step direction to successfully lead students to understand this historical and contemporary celebration
  • 11 original and professionally Indigenous designed worksheets
  • Christmas is deadly is suitable for the early years (0-8) and for middle years.
  • ISBN 0-9581073-2-7 16pp

Content [Detail]

  • BACKGROUND INFORMATION – ‘Do Aborigines*’ – celebrate Christmas? – The origins of Christmas – Christmas celebrations and symbolism – The Christmas story – Diversity of Australian Christmas celebrations – Aboriginal people and Christmas.
  • TEACHING AND LEARNING STRATEGIES – The origins of Christmas.
  • WORKSHEETS – Christmas is Deadly – What’s special about Christmas? – Christmas stocking card – Christmas Bookmark – Tree ornaments – Wreath door hanging – Christmas tree wall hanging – Deadly Decorations 1 – Deadly Decorations 2 – Leaf Decoration


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