Indigenous Science Resources


With National Science Week upon us, it’s timely to reflect on the range of Indigenous science resources available online to students and their teachers.

Our top picks include:

  1. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance is a national body that seeks to bring together organisations, communities, institutes and individuals with the goal of inspiring, promoting and improving mathematics outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. You can follow ATSIMA on Facebook and Twitter.  Every second year ATSIMA hosts a National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Conference.
  2. IndigiLab is a Sydney-based enterprise that brings together Indigenous science, arts and technology. This year (2016) they’re co-hosting a two-day Indigenous Science Forum in Sydney. You can follow Indigilab on Facebook and Twitter. Read an article by IndigiLab founder Luke Briscoe Indigenous science is at the core of social, economic and political change.
  3. Living Knowledge Project was part of a three year Australian Research Council (ARC) research project Indigenous knowledge and Western science pedagogy: a comparative approach. The project aimed to determine the most effective ways of incorporating Indigenous knowledge within New South wales secondary school science curricula. The website continues to provide relevant and meaningful Indigenous science knowledge. The website is hosted by the Australian National University (ANU)
  4. The Lost Seasons is archived on the The Lab, ABC Television website. The Lost Seasons talks about local weather patterns and knowledge that Indigenous people had about local weather.

Other resources:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education