Vernon Ah Kee

Installation Image of Vernon Ah Kee’s Invasion Paintings at Milani Gallery (2013)

As learner-educators having knowledge is not really a state of being, but rather than ongoing process of action. Of learning. Unlearning. Learning. Unlearning. Learning … rinse, repeat.

The posts and pages on the Critical Classroom are dynamic. They can fit into multiple categories. After nearly seven years of blogging, we’re constantly rediscovering what we once wrote, re-writing or re-presenting it. Use the tags on the side to search our archive.

We’re happy to take questions from the floor – what’s missing, what’s confusing, as well as what’s working (so we don’t change it).

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Significant dates in Indigenous History

Significant Dates in Indigenous HistoryWe’ve started an entire page devoted to significant dates in Indigenous and Australian history. It’s still a work in progress – always will be I suspect.

If you think of a date we should include, drop us a line: leesa at iscariotmedia dot com