Kev Carmody, poet, musician, historian


Kev Carmody, in the middle of the Aboriginal flag.

In 1788 down Sydney Cove
The first boat-people land
Said sorry boys our gain’s your loss
We gonna steal your land
And if you break our new British laws
For sure you’re gonna hang
Or work your life like convicts
With chains on your neck and hands ….

These haunting words opened Kev Carmody’s 2016 Recollections … Reflections (A Journey) concert tour last month in Brisbane. With eight albums created over the past four decades decades, it’s unbelievable that his legacy as a poet, activist, historian, sociologist, musician, and songwriter, is so unknown by Australians. His style is of storyteller – just the audience, a guitar, a didj, and Kev. His staunch yet self-deprecating approach makes his work accessible to his new audience. His anecdotes give us older familiar audiences an opportunity to reminisce.

Kev Carmody is from the land. Growing up on the Western Darling Downs area of Southern Queensland, the land is so embedded in him that it radiates in his politics and his music.

His words are an expression of our history, of the reality of Aboriginal life over time.

We highly recommend the words of Kev Carmody as an historical, sociological, artistic and cultural source of Aboriginal voice.With this latest release, he is revisiting words written long ago. I hope Recollections .. Reflections (A Journey) will provide an opportunity for new audiences to find this deadly old man.

Visit Kev Carmody’s excellent website for all his published lyrics, background information, and albums.