Identity and belonging

Black History Month celebration cake with bunting.

Our Black History Month celebration cake.

We recently created a new product, Celebrate with Mini-Bunting.

In itself “bunting” is hardly an authentic cultural activity, nor is it going to set the world on fire in solving serious issues. But, we created the bunting as part of our personal celebrations for Black History Month, and NAIDOC. Creating these little fiddly pieces of paper (do not under-estimate the degree of fiddly-ness!) was an opportunity for us to discuss Black History Month, what it means, what it is about for us an Aboriginal family. And we made a stupidly awesome butter cake to go with it. It was so big, we ate if for a week.

Not all events that we recognise need to belong to the whole of the country in order to be important or valuable. We figure that even if the rest of the country doesn’t recognise Black History Month or NAIDOC, we know, and we’ve raised our children to know, that that lack of recognition says more about the nation than it says about us.

NAIDOC week has been around in various forms since the mid-1950s. Unlike Black History Month, which has only been recognised in Australia since 2008, it has a solid history of recognition. Yet the majority of this country is silent about it or ignorant of it.

So. We made bunting. Enjoy.

Cheers, Leesa