Please support the #justjustice Public Health campaign

In 1991, the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody handed down its comprehensive report on the state of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People within the criminal justice system. It’s recommendations ranged from Aboriginal studies in schools (to increase awareness about Aboriginal history in Australia in the hopes that it would lead to better … Continue reading Please support the #justjustice Public Health campaign

Fostering Islamaphobia through propaganda

Too many black and white are falling for unthinking patriotism. Perhaps they/we always have, but in today’s digitally-connected world we see each other’s opinions so much more than in the past.

The BBC’s Banished Whitewashes Australian History

The news of the BBC’s new seven-part series Banished hit the news stands today. And within hours, the criticism hit the streams. After reading about Banished, I’m not surprised at the criticism. You see, it’s about Australia. In particular it’s apparently about Governor Arthur Phillip, convicts and is set on Australian shores. And guess what? … Continue reading The BBC’s Banished Whitewashes Australian History

I’m a Feminist and no buts …

Today I had an opportunity to go listen to Anita Sarkeesian speak at the All About Women Festival at the Sydney Opera House. Anita’s presentation and follow-up questions, touched on a number of issues. My take away learnings will land over the next few days as I absorb Anita’s talk, but so far –

A Rosa Parks moment? I don’t think so …

According to a Brisbane Times report today, LNP Women vice-president Peta Simpson cited Rosa Parks when justifying the decision to hold their International Women’s Day event at the men’s only Tattersalls Club in Brisbane. While Tattersalls now allow women to enter the club, women are still denied membership.

Two racist broke girls

I woke this morning to the news that the US television program Two Broke Girls decided to include a racist joke about Aboriginal Australians. During the episode And the Fun Factory, one character says

Aljazeera picks up the ‘tent embassy’ story

If you rely on the mainstream news, it’s pretty easy to have a very narrow version of the world. Since last year, a group of protestors have been protesting again property development in Redfern, setting up camp and maintaining a Tent Embassy.

Closing the Gap Report 2015

Today the Close the Gap Campaign Steering Committee released the Progress and Priorities Report 2015. In the report the committee found that many of the target areas of the Closing the Gap Strategy that had been set, have not been reached, and in some instances the gap has actually widened.

{Review} Life B’long Ali Drummond A life in the Torres Strait by Samantha Faulkner

“Family life is one of the most important things in Sam Faulkner’s life. Ali Drummon is Sam Faulkner’s grandfather, and this is his story. Ali Drummon has had an extraordinary life, by any standards. Orphaned when young, Ali took to a life at sea aged just fourteen. Originally taken on as an apprentice, Ali applied … Continue reading {Review} Life B’long Ali Drummond A life in the Torres Strait by Samantha Faulkner