Grow your understanding of Indigenous issues by developing an educator PLN

It may seem bizzare that a blog devoted to talking about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives would have its second post about PLNs, but perhaps we won’t do things in an expected way. At the Critical Classroom, we’re interested in constantly driving learning from teachers and students. The most curious teachers are the most exciting ones. … Continue reading Grow your understanding of Indigenous issues by developing an educator PLN

Play Letterbox & learning Indigenous language

Play LetterboxAs promised yesterday, here is another resource, though you don’t need to buy this one. Letterbox was produced by Carbon Media, an Indigenous Australian media company. The Letterbox programme was televised on NITV and ABC3, and is targeted at primary school aged kids. You can play the games online. Unfortunately the games aren’t leveled … Continue reading Play Letterbox & learning Indigenous language

Resources – Sisters Dreaming

Am really conscious that I’ve spent too many of my last posts talking about me/us/ourwork. To rectify that imbalance, I’ll spend the next few posts over this Easter school holiday break checking out other Indigenous Australian educational resource creators. Sisters Dreaming is a New South Wales based enterprise (but they sell online to all over … Continue reading Resources – Sisters Dreaming

Easter craft

Here are a couple of things we created using the Easter is Deadly book. The first is a little craft easter gift for someone special. Annie made one for her friend Shanae. The second is a sponge painting of Jaragun’s nest. We use enlarged photoccopies to add in Jaragun and some eggs. (Originally posted on … Continue reading Easter craft

Jaragun’s Country – A slideshow!

Can’t get to Idinji Country to see Jaragun’s Nest? Here are some photos for your to explore when thinking and teaching about Easter is Deadly. You can also grab the link to post it into your own blog/wiki. (Originally posted on criticalclassroom on TypePad on 03/25/2010)