About Us

The Critical Classroom was created as a digital spaces that encourages Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices to be fostered, encouraged and heard. Our goal is to foster knowledge with primary and secondary teachers, as well as other learning communities, including corporate and community interests.

We believe that it’s possible to use digital platforms to communicate the diversity and importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander literature, ideas, images, and sounds.

The bulk of the content of the Critical Classroom is written by Leesa Watego, a parent, educator and business owner. The Critical Classroom is very much a passion project born from one the one hand frustration with the lack of knowledge and understanding most Australian have about their place on this continent, as well as a desire to create a place where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices are privileged.

The Critical Classroom is an extension of the work created with Blacklines Publications (2000 – 2011) and Nyumba Goori Studies Consultancy (1993 – 1995).

The Critical Classroom website is updated as much as possible, however you should visit Facebook Page, Twitter account, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube for more regular posts.

We create original products that are available at our shop.

Other contributors to The Critical Classroom are Lisa M. Buxton who is currently undertaking a PhD at Notre Dame University.