On Aboriginal Sovereignty

I want to draw your attention to one of the panels as part of the Clancestry Conversation series. The panel #SoveriegntyX was curated by event’s curator Dr Chelsea Bond. Each of these mini-orations provide us with excellent resources that can be used in the classroom across discussions in media, English, cultural studies, Australian studies, education, politics and legal studies.

The speakers and performers highlight the different ways in which we see Sovereignty. Some highlight the way in which it varies from Recognition. As someone who was the audience that evening, you come away from the conversation feeling uplifted and focused.

Always Was, Always Will Be.

Because I’m deadly, and so you too can use the video in your classes, I’ve gone through and recorded the times for each speaker:

00.38- 02.33 Welcome to Country by Shannon Ruska

03:53 – 11:00 Dr Chelsea Bond

11:25 – 15:21 Indigenous Intrudaz

15.35 –  23:39 Callum Clayton-Dixon

23:45 – 31: 45 Pekeri Ruska

32:38 – 35:58 Ben Graetz

36:10 – 42:37 Vernon Ah Kee

42:52 – 48:30 Profesor Aileen Moreton-Robinson

There are many gems in this collection. This will be on my recommended reading list for a long time to come.