26/01: What will you teach on "Australia Day"

In our house, the 26th of January is Invasion Day. We do not celebrate or recognise Australia Day. We live in Brisbane, so each year we march.

  • We march to remember those who have marched before us and made our world a better place.
  • We march to remember those who were not able to march.
  • We march to remind others that soverignty has not been ceded.
  • We march to keep clear the vision of what we have and what we do not have.

This position is neither right nor wrong, better or worse than anothers. It simply is. In your classroom you should recognise this, celebrate it and respect it. Do not force your young students to colour in the Australian flag. Give them a choice of flag to colour – respect their heritage and their identity. 

(Originally posted on InquiryBites blog on TypePad March 09, 2009)